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Broadcast live on our station 1/17/18 @ 7pm

Joseph Alton Miller - "The Death Of Eric Garner" from "The Death Of Eric Garner [single]"
Tomorrowsforever! - "urgrowingup2fast" from "More Than Moment EP"
Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party - "The Magnus Organ" from "Basilisk"
Feeny - "Puzo" from "Puzo [single]"
Foxmoore - "Silver Tongue" from "Sophomore"
hazy daisies - "sweet nothing" from "bedroom daze."
James Booth & The Return - "Murder Ballad No. 2" from "In The Gardens Of Knight"
Lindsey Candler - "Maybe This Time" from "Stop The Car - EP"
Hello Whirled - "Moonlight" from "Heaven Doesn't Send Its Best"
Rat Kid Cool - "No Fucks" from "Year Of The Rat"
Rob Jennings - "The World On My Side" from "The World Was On My Side"
Curtis Campbell - "Masquerading Life" from "Self Titled"
Strange Weekend - "Clownin' Around" from "Clownin' Around [single]"
The Open Minds - "Mistress Of Mischief" from "Mistress Of Mischief [single]"

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