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Broadcast live on our station 1/15/18 @ 7pm

Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party - "Life Is A Highway To The Danger Zone" from "Basilisk"
Blank Pages - "Lost and Found" from "Before Your Summer Fades"
Rat Kid Cool - "Always The Same" from "Year Of The Rat"
Cold Weather Company - "Old But True" from "Old But True [single]"
Lynds Mika - "Breathless" from "I'm Fine"
Kristy Chmura - "Nothing's Right" from "Stained...Glass Heart"
regrown - "February, or How" from "Out of the Picture"
Shoobies - "Drama" from "Cherry"
Melting Hopefuls - "Gondola (2018 Remix)" from "Gondola [single]"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Live Music Makes All My Decisions" from "It's All About the Mosh"
Bottle Fairy - "No Children" from "Mountain Goats Cover EP"
Tomorrowsforever! - "NoJudgement" from "More Than Moment EP"
Haunt Club - "VHS" from "Volume One"
Velburg - "Thistles" from "Good"
Quinn Kennedy - "12 Volt Solution" from "Rose Paper"
Cocoba - "Is Are" from "The Most Private Songs I Can Sing"

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