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Broadcast live on our station 1/10/18 @ 7pm

Primitive Lips - "Lush" from "Primitive Lips"
Colton Adams - "People In The Park" from "It's Always This Time of Day Right Now"
Catherine Wacha - "Strait Jacket" from " New Music Sampler - January 2018"
Hemmy Hemmerich - "Econoline" from "From Here On Out"
Bruce Tunkel - "Poison" from "Poison [single]"
Tyler Spruill - "I Know UR Lonely 2" from "I Know UR Lonely 2 [single]"
Luvlite - "Close Enuff" from "Insomnia / / Close Enuff"
Houston And The Dirty Rats - "Dumpster Diver" from "Dumpster Diver [single]"
Glam Moth - "Here Comes Love" from "Here Comes Love / You'll Be Sorry"
Hello Whirled - "The Wrong Audience" from "Appeals To The Wrong Audience"
Julian Cartwright - "Gargoyle" from "Lies Written In Smoke"
The Happy Club - "See You" from "See You [single]"
Tris McCall - "Oh Columbus" from "McCall's Almanac"
Reddmond & Joey - "Once Loved" from "Once Loved [single]"
Tom Rauth - "Two" from "Tom The Driver"
Sugar Trip - "Unraveled" from "Canvas"

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