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Broadcast live on our station 1/8/18 @ 7pm

Timothy Hay - "What's Wrong With Paul?" from "What's Wrong With Paul? [single]"
El Americano - "So Long Captain Stooby" from "Something Memorable"
Old At Heart - "Joy" from "Freedom Art And Pudding"
Rock And The Chapter - "Give" from "They're Not Supposed To Care About Us"
Hello Whirled - "A Warm Hello" from "Great Minds Of Purgatory"
Stevesquared. - "White Trail" from "Rad Times"
Bobby Shock - "Meggie's Goin' Home" from "Distant Flames"
James Booth & The Return - "Gnomes" from "In The Garden of Knight"
Sonofdov - "A Boy's Lament" from " New Music Sampler - January 2018"
Bruce Tunkel - "Deceptions" from "Deceptions [single]"
Aaron Basch - "Red Eye Love" from "Before Your Summer Fades"
Quinn Kennedy - "No One's Got The Money Today" from "No One's Got The Money Today [single]"
Broken by Chance - "Tangled Up" from "Tangled up [single]"
The Double Negatives - "Commas" from "Commas [single]"
Matthew T.M. Flaherty - "Long Jump - Acoustic" from "Long Jump [single]"
Clutch Cabin - "Do You?" from "Mixed & Matched"

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