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Episode 1

Hey all - Thanks to Lazlo for letting me contribute to his site - here's a group of songs that in my humble opinion are a great backdrop to a drinking session, with friends or alone. Stop back for another show soon.
Your pal,
Ronnie Black

lovebyrd - nothing is real
yikes (lodi nj) - the real disease
the balloon hoax (CA) - fairweather friends
the doneofits - come with me
the dead mantra (france) - don't call it love
IDK - flashbacks
suture - pretty is
the harrow (bkn) - love like shadows
bernie's fixxx - negative sign
alpha du centaure - la couleur de mes reves
petite league - annie
melting watches - for the people
kylie odetta - high dreamer
mr. bukit - why am i always drunk?
electric frankenstein - I feel so lonely