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Broadcast live on our station 12/28/17 @ 7pm

Fun While You Wait - "Silver Linings" from "Of Course EP"
Mr. Flannery And His Feelings - "No No Calypso" from "Try Your Hardest"
The Afraid Brigade - "I'm In Hell" from "If I Ever See The Stars Again"
Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans - "Brighter And Brighter" from "It's Always Night In Here"
Aquino - "Milly" from "City Stars"
Modern Crowds - "75" from "Modern Crowds"
The Vansaders - "So Far Away" from "No Matter What"
My Heart And The Real World - "As I Recall" from "My Heart And The Real World"
latewaves - "If It's Over" from "Partied Out"
Damfino - "Sequel To Clint" from "One False Move And I'm Yours"
Stephen Bard - "Glad I Ran Into You (In G)" from "Between Us, Vol.1: You"
Hodera - "Baltimore" from "First Things First"
Jenny And The Felines - "Jail Bird Johnny" from "Don't Judge Me"
The Clydes - "Never Swim" from "So The Story Goes"
We're Ghosts Now - "Little Thread" from "Until Death..."

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