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Broadcast live on our station 12/27/17 @ 7pm

Bruce Tunkel - "Don't Matter Where I Go" from "Don't Matter Where I Go [single]"
Grilled Cheese - "Weekend Song" from "Grilled Cheese"
Latin Teens - "Burger Run" from "Come Party & Fornicate Often With Us"
Dock Watch Hollow - "Happy Accident" from "The Deed"
Steve Van Tine - "It's Just A Song" from "Hello Hell - EP"
Reddmond & Joey - "Back To Start" from "Back to Start [single]"
Ok Friends - "blu Eyes" from "Blu Eyes b/w Backseat"
Losing Streak - "RLS" from "RLS [single]"
The Marathon - "Runaway" from "The Marathon"
Matt Collaborate - "Narcissist (Acoustic)" from "Acoustic Holiday EP"
Thomas Johnston - "With All Her Gratitudes" from "More Songs To Sing"
Shotgun Bill - "Mexico" from "Train Cars and Prison Bars...and a White Guitar"
Savior Self - "Walker March" from "Savior Self [10th anniversary reissue]"
Hello Whirled - "Do yoU Want (Your Battle Cry)?" from "The Lost Division"
Lena Fine - "Evicting You" from "Peach Colored Notebook"
Brian St. John - "Tranquility" from "Remaining Young"

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