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Broadcast live on our station 12/18/17 @ 7pm

Blank Pages - "High Flyer" from "Before Your Summer Fades"
Shoobies - "Violet" from "Claude Monet"
Old Smile - "Find Your Song" from "Two For Winter"
Skyeline - "Caught Up" from "Something About Your Basement"
Tyler Spruill - "nostalgia stripped down (I guess)" from "nostalgia stripped down (I guess) [single]"
Bruce Tunkel - "From Another Time" from "From Another Time [single]"
Vincent Brue - "Forever In The Bag" from "Forever In The Bag [single]"
Jack And The Me Offs - "Designer Fascist" from "Live Demos Volume 1"
The Moms - "A New Frontier" from "Doing Asbestos We Can"
Wizard Brain - "Butterflies" from "Bortic Demos"
Drew Anton - "Me, Myself, & I (ft. Ariana Rivera)" from "Iridescence"
Kevin Daly - "Scenester Supernova" from "Grin & Bare It"
Sawce - "Comfort (feat. Max Mobarry)" from "Sawce EP"
Dub Proof - "Spider Mouse" from "Spider Mouse / Bee Sting Dub"

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