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Broadcast live on our station 12/4/17 @ 7pm

1. Reign Over Squall - "Roxanne" from "Mixed Forecast"
2. Frisbee People - "Morality Is Real" from "Death Ride With Mom"
3. Byron Bangs - "Self Control" from "Odds and Ends"
4. Matt Pucci - "Idiocracy" from "Old Poor & Angry"
5. Doc Rotten - "Brass Tacks" from "Fallout"
6. 18th & Addison - "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch [single]"
7. Just Some Punk(s) - "Never Forgotten" from "Solo Songs (Non-Explicit)"
8. Bruce Tunkel - "The Deepest Blue" from "The Deepest Blue [single]"
9. Mt Marcy - "Blue Jeans" from "Blue Jeans Demo"
10. A Halo Called Fred - "Zero Fucks" from "Zero Fucks [single]"
11. Beige Monk - "Tunnel" from "Two Pillars"
12. Wiser Time - "I Like It That Way" from "Within"
13. Stephen Bard - "The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between" from "Between Us, Vol. 1: You"
14. Hello Whirled - "The Chance To Run Free" from "Dead Where Love Stands"
15. Val Emmich - "Lately (The Crazy)" from "Lately (The Crazy) [single]"
16. Just North - "Save" from "Since Basement Days"
17. Velburg - "Good" from "Good"
18. Sonofdov - "Fight Or Flight" from "Fight Or Flight [single]"
19. Quinn Kennedy - "Maybe Remember" from "Acoustic Selections"
20. Rusting - "Days and Nights Answer To Me (Demo)" from "Songs Collecting Dust: A Demo EP"
21. Melisa Anthony - "Burning Out" from "EP"

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