return to Presents New NJ Music
Broadcast live on our station 11/27/17 @ 7pm

1. Shoobies - "Love" from "Cherry"
2. Flycatcher - "Attitude" from "Skiptown"
3. The Dead Flowers - "Drivin' On Down To Tennessee" from "AL"
4. Fire Is Motion - "Ringside" from "Still, I Try"
5. The Moms - "Soup Song" from "Doing Asbestos We Can"
6. Velburg - "night March" from "Velburg EP"
7. Hello Whirled - "Royal Church On High" from "Chariots And Candles"
8. Adam Gilbert - "I Want You To Know" from "I Want You To Know [single]"
9. Bruce Tunkel - "Dream Lane" from "Dream Lane [single]"
10. Good Luck Spaceman - "Center Of The Earth" from "S/T EP"
11. September's Ghost - "Tommy's Got A Record" from "Superperfundo On The Early Eve Of Your Day"
12. Matt Fed - "Bleed" from "Seasons"
13. Lovegood - "Aurora" from "I - EP"
14. Doctor Danger - "Day-Glo After Dark" from "UV Groovy! Live at gARTen"

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