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Broadcast live on our station 11/20/17 @ 7pm

1. The Vaughns - "Bby Save Me" from "Bby Save Me [single]"
2. John Shepherd - "Dear Enemies" from "Dear Enemies [single]"
3. Markowski - "Love To Hate" from "Markowski"
4. Amanda Duncan - "I'm On Fire" from "'I'm On Fire' Single + Holiday EP"
5. Tim Cameron - "Receiving Me" from "Songs Of The Vanished"
6. Laree Cisco - "Come As you Are" from "Nevermind (Rocktober Sessions)"
7. bensingermusic - "Way Down Low" from "Living Not Living"
8. Houston And The Dirty Rats - "Loner" from "Rat EP"
9. River Rats - "Bloody Hell" from "Demo"
10. Keith Beck's Zigman Bird - "No Heartaches" from "No Heartaches [single]"
11. Bruce Tunkel - "Promises" from "Singles Collection"
12. Matthew Kessig - "frequently asked questions" from "frequently asked questions [single]"
13. Mt Marcy - "Buena Vista" from "Ivy Hill"
14. Melamine - "Buttermilk Sadness" from "Supercollider EP"
15. Dead Fish Handshake - "Devolution [Black Box Theory]" from "Devolution [Black Box Theory] [single]"
16. Sadboii The Band - "fuuuuuuuuur" from "Curves Of The Body"

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