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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 11/7/17 @ 7pm

1. Y0uth - "Alright, Kid" from "Blame"
2. Big Head Todd & The Monsters - "Wipeout Turn" from "New World Arisin'"
3. Joel Willoughby - "One Month & Ten Days (The Wilderness)" from "The Wilderness EP"
4. Darius Koski - "Stay With Me" from "What Was Once Is By And Gone"
5. Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton - "Gooseberry Rag" from "Wildflower Blues"
6. Tina And The Balance - "This Is The End" from "Making Monsters"
7. Anti-Flag - "When The Wall Falls" from "American Fall"
8. Ben Barbic - "All I Need" from "All I Need [single]"
9. Sheba The Mississippi Queen - "Oh So Good" from "A Real Good Woman"
10. Adult Colour - "One Track Mind" from "Prom Set"
11. The Midnight Club - "Close Your Eyes" from "Close Your Eyes [single]"
12. Attic Salt - "Hometown" from "Attic Salt"
13. The Tourist Company - "Apollo" from "Apollo"
14. Mike Frazier - "Parrot King" from "Complete Control"
15. Culture Abuse and Wavves - "Up and Down" from "Up and Down [single]"

#SupportGoodMusic - If you like what you hear, purchase the music from their site