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Broadcast live on our station 11/6/17 @ 7pm

1. Mike Daly and the Planets - "Electricity" from "Mike Daly and the Planets"
2. Scooter Brothers - "Beatch Boys" from "Lookin' Good!"
3. Aw Shucks - "Pawn" from "Better Now EP"
4. Uncle Einar - "Holiday" from "Holiday [single]"
5. Reddmond & Joey - "Out Of Time" from "Out Of Time [single]"
6. Zoo Keys - "Our Light" from "Our Light [single]"
7. Dub Proof - "Super Storm Dub" from "Spider Mouse / Bee Sting Dub"
8. Dino Petaccio & The Intruders - "Talk To Me (live)" from "Let Me Have Some... Live!"
9. Dub For Light - "Rewind'" from "Rewind [single]"
10. Wynward - "Give Up" from "Tides"
11. The Vice Rags - "Jersey Boy" from "The Vice Rags"
12. Good 2 Drive - "Punk Rockers Act Like I Don't Go" from "Dias De Ensaladas EP"
13. stevesquared. - "Ghost Of John" from "Ghost Of John [single]"
14. Vinyl Tigers - "Grand Tim (city version)" from "Being There Or Nothing"
15. Hello Whirled - "Lifetime Achievement Award" from "King Of The Scene"
16. Sailor Boyfriend - "Sweet Talkin The Void" from "True Romantics"

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