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Broadcast live on our station 10/23/17 @ 7pm

1. The Clydes - "Broken Boy" from "So The Story Goes"
2. Rob Jennings - "In And Out Of My Mind" from "Song Storm"
3. City Line - "2" from "Long Road Home"
4. Sailor Boyfriend - "Behave" from "Behave [single]"
5. Connor Storms - "I Can Do Better" from "The Wolf's Lament//The Owl's Bliss"
6. latewaves - "I'll Be Fine" from "Partied Out"
7. Rhonette Smith - "Poison (feat. Rebecca Emont)" from "On letting Go"
8. Balter Band - "Slingshot" from "Doomfield Dungeon Sessions"
9. Kazey - "I See Something In You" from "1"
10. Hodera - "Just For Today" from "First Things First"
11. Strikeout - "Dedicated To Any Girl Who's Ever Given Me Some Sort Of Attention" from "Gasping For Air"
12. The Imperfect - "Want You Better" from "For Here Or To Go"
13. Paper Mache - "Grow Up" from "Motions Within"
14. Oh Dear, Ms. Sullivan! - "Brittle Bones" from "One Takes - Vol. 2"
15. Hello Whirled - "Don't Call The Ocean" from "Chilly Afternoon"

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