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Broadcast live on our station 10/11/17 @ 7pm

1. Mr. Payday - "Sun Shine Down" from "Welcome To The Modern World"
2. The Clydes - "Lucid Garden" from "Lucid Gardens"
3. The Brixton Riot - "The Ballad Of Pete Best" from "Close Counts"
4. Dinosaur Eyelids - "LA Lady" from "Left turn On Red"
5. Crust - "Hypknowsis" from "Crust"
6. Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans - "Evil Days" from "It's Always Night In Here"
7. Dollys - "Sugartooth" from "Tense"
8. erase:rewind - "'Thank You' Is What You Say To Pain" from "Chasing Down The Moonlight"
9. City Limits - "Orange Whip" from "Secret Holiday"
10. Fun While You Wait - "Too Little (Too Late)" from "Of Course EP"
11. Berkeley Arms - "Spirit" from "Spirit [single]"
12. Cape Cool - "Counting Off the Days" from "Counting Off the Days [single]"
13. LKFFCT - "Sleeves" from "Dawn Chorus"
14. Head Cheerleader - "Wedding Song" from "Broad Daylight"

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