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Broadcast live on our station 10/2/17 @ 7pm

1. Hang Tight - "The Rents" from "Grind EP"
2. Damfino - "twenty Two Months" from "One False Move And I'm Yours"
3. Pat Bilodeau - "Give" from "Go Back To Sleep"
4. Rob Jennings - "Better To Love" from "Demos"
5. Deivito - "1898 (live)" from "1898 (live) [single]"
6. Young Legs - "goodbye no.99 (Hanging with Zach version)" from "goodbye no.99 (Hanging with Zach version)"
7. Rocky And The Chapter - "Deacon" from "They're Not Supposed To Care about Us"
8. Professor Caveman - "Brandon" from "Vol. 3"
9. Steve Van Tine - "Fleeting" from "Scream and Wake the Dreaming (Free Sampler)"
10. Kay Roman - "Go Away" from "Teen Angst"
11. Nikki Nailbomb - "Against All Odds" from "Perfectly Natural"
12. Harvery Lemmings - "Easy, Calm" from "Void"
13. The Jersey Panic - "Come Take A Ride" from "Come Take A Ride [single]"
14. Tempus Fugit - "Unapologetic" from "Demo Tapes"
15. Newfoundman - "Ways" from "A Ghost At Home"

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