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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 9/26/17 @ 7pm

1. Galanos - "Flashbomb" from "Deceiver Receiver"
2. Super Doppler - "We Are Doing Fine" from "Moonlight Anthems"
3. Family in Mourning featuring Lydia Lunch - "Loser" from "Eulogy"
4. Bonerama - "Bad Dog" from "Hot Like Fire"
5. Meta and the Cornerstones - "Mind Your Business" from "Mind Your Business [single]"
6. Broke Royals - "As Long As I Can See" from "Broke Royals"
7. Walker Lukens - "Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Don't Wanna Leave You Alone)" from "Tell It To The Judge"
8. Bordeen - "Old Lies" from "Stiver"
9. Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders - "Working From Home" from "Anything You Wanted To"
10. Hot Water Music - "Overload" from "Light It Up"
11. Decent Criminal - "Still" from "Bloom"
12. The Stanleys - "Say You Will" from "The Stanleys"
13. Future Of Forestry - "Love Be Your Mantra" from "2017 Sampler"
14. Kim Simmonds - "Walking The Guitar" from "Jazzin' On The Blues"
15. Humming House - "Stop me Still (Live)" from "Helping Hands Compilation"

#SupportGoodMusic - If you like what you hear, purchase the music from their site