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Broadcast live on our station 9/25/17 @ 7pm

1. City Limits - "Ton Of Bricks" from "Secret Holiday"
2. A Little Bit Scary - "Hazy" from "Demo"
3. Sugar High - "Moth Baby" from "Cut n Paste"
4. Shark Club - "Iceland" from "National Dog Day"
5. Dead Paleo - "Spineless" from "Spineless [single]"
6. Head Cheerleader - "Violence and Love" from "Broad Daylight"
7. James Booth & The Return - "Insomnia Blues" from "Kill Me With Your Kiss (Single)"
8. Dinosaur Eyelids - "Basilone Bridge" from "Left Turn On Red"
9. The Skullers - "One Foot In The Grave" from "Meet The Skullers"
10. Joe Bizonos - "Buy The Time" from "Buy The Time [single]"
11. Skylar Pocket - "Sand Bones" from "How Deep is the Water? How Thick is the Mud?"
12. Linda Everswick, Inez Carvalho - "Miss me soon (demo)" from "Miss me soon (demo)"
13. collector - "i've only gotten better with my eggs" from "leaving"
14. Oh Dear, Ms. Sullivan! - "Talking in Your Sleep" from "Talking in Your Sleep (Single)"
15. Double Knot - "New Gibbons" from "Good, not Great"
16. Steven J. Yew - "I Can't Play Guitar" from "I Can't Play Guitar [single]"

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