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Broadcast live on our station 9/18/17 @ 7pm

1. Charlie Ott - "Time Lapse Blues" from "Charlie Ott EP"
2. LKFFCT - "Punching Bag" from "Dawn Chorus"
3. lightheaded - "Lost in the Dust of the Gold Rush" from "are you feling lightheaded"
4. Newfoundman - "I'll Be Gone" from "I'll Be Gone [single]"
5. tooafraid - "Daffodil" from "Mind Map"
6. Steven J. Yew - "You Are The Autumn" from "Steven J. Yew"
7. Prawn - "Rooftops" from "Run"
8. Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son - "Another Deadbeat Summer" from "Empty Passenger Seats // Another Deadbeat Summer [2017] (*Single Mixes*)"
9. Rough Spring - "Labyrinths" from "Rough Spring"
10. Thomas Johnston - "The Last Good Kiss [George Wirth cover]" from "More Songs To Sing"
11. Spookwax - "I Won the Lottery (and Now I'm Drunk)" from "I Won the Lottery and Now I'm Drunk."
12. Smock - "Chug" from "Chug [single]"
13. Petal Aggression - "Jetlagged" from "Petal Aggression's Summer Hits!!!"
14. Anthony Friedlander - "I Want You" from "Fire"
15. The Successful Failures - "Misguiding Light" from "Ichor Of Nettle"
16. Six To Eight Mathematics - "Bother Me" from "Shut Up"

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