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Broadcast live on our station 9/13/17 @ 7pm

1. The Brixton Riot - "Can't Stop Now" from "Close Counts"
2. Nowadays - "Bird Up!" from "Bird Up! [single]"
3. NGHTCRWLS - "Be Legentil With Me" from "Be Legentil With Me [single]"
4. John Van Ness - "Ooh No (feat. Tauree)" from "The Great Escape"
5. The Great War - "Homecoming" from "Marching Band"
6. Housing Sounds - "Transitional Stage" from "A Future Home"
7. Machines Never Forget - "Distance" from "Demo #1"
8. Oh Dear, Ms. Sullivan! - "Four-O-Five (One Take)" from "One Takes - Vol.1"
9. InMotion - "Generic Love Song" from "Generic Love Song [single]"
10. What Did Stevie Wonder - "Fragile Old Soul" from "Butterfly - EP"
11. Post Present - "Memory Trap" from "Memory Trap"
12. Taylor Shiroff - "Memory I" from "Future Imperfect"
13. Vexes - "Decisions Are Death Here" from "Ancient Geometry"

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