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Broadcast live on our station 9/12/17 @ 7pm

1. September's Ghost - "Putrid Pupil" from "Superferfundo On The Eve Of Your Day"
2. The Vansaders - "Hurtlin'" from "No Matter What"
3. erase:rewind - "I'm Doing This For Me, But I'd Say You're Worth It, Wouldn't You Agree?" from "Chasing Down The Moonlight"
4. The Burns - "Stranger" from "Splenderson"
5. The Adventure Soundtrack - "Giant Chickens" from "8/17/17 Set-2] Oak Ale House (Maywood, NJ)"
6. Peter Marcal - "The Song Playing On Repeat" from "Curious Thoughts"
7. The Successful Failures - "PA Fight Song" from "Ichor Of Nettle"
8. Million DollaR Dino$aur - "Everyday Ends The Same" from "Live Free or Dinosaur"
9. Crazy & The Brains - "Ice Cream" from "The Summer Soiree Mixtape"
10. Wizard Brain - "Psychedelic (Sunflower cover)" from "Without Chemicals"
11. Moon Motel - "Wings Collapsed" from "Wings Collapsed [single]"
12. Hodera - "North Dakota" from "First things First"
13. Westfalia - "Seven Days" from "Protect Us From The Truth EP"
14. Goats - "Moving On" from "Real Magic Attic Dreams"
15. Anthony Friedlander - "Now" from "Ice"

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