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Broadcast live on our station 9/11/17 @ 7pm

1. Fun While You Wait - "Yes/No" from "Of Course"
2. Vinyl Tigers - "No One Needs To Know How I Feel" from "Being There Or Nothing"
3. Jaime Della Fave - "Not Today" from "Nowhere"
4. Reddmond & Joey - "About You" from "Hope You're Doing Well"
5. ABE - "II: Monsters" from "Letters From Another Place EP"
6. Jada Quin - "I Think" from "Beginnings"
7. The Highschool Superstars - "End Of Summer" from "Blood, Sweat, and Beers"
8. Dookieschecky - "Fry your mind, listen to ska [Feat. Eastern Function]" from "Bad Missionary Sex in Music Form"
9. Souls Of Rebellion - "Don't Trust Your Eyes" from "Don't Trust Your Eyes [single]"
10. hardwick - "dream talk (the 3am song)" from "Breed [demo]"
11. little oso - "I Don't Wanna Make New Friends" from "Demo"
12. Newfoundman - "A Ghost At Home" from "A Ghost At Home [single]"
13. We're Ghosts Now - "On The Road" from "Until Death..."
14. Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son - "Empty Passenger Seats" from "Empty Passenger Seats [single]"
15. The Despised NJ - "1999" from "1999"

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