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Broadcast live on our station 8/21/17 @ 7pm

1. berkeley arms - "Finally You Find A Name" from "FYFN // yr dimming"
2. Hello Whirled - "Married In Mourning" from "Ballads For Glass Children"
3. The Schwam - "Diskagnito" from "Thursday Night Burrito Fight"
4. The Skullers - "Meet me In Memphis" from "Meet me In Memphis [single]"
5. Ragged Lines - "Shape I'm In" from "Ragged Lines"
6. Vincent Brue - "Wakey Wakey" from "Wakey Wakey [single]"
7. JF - "G.B.B.T." from "J.F."
8. Cate Croland - "Breathe" from "Googly Eyes & String Hearts Connect"
9. Julian Cartwright - "Routine Visit" from "Everything But The Jokes From Bob's Notebooks"
10. Steven Martinez - "This Car" from "Lucky"
11. Spacelets - "Paint A Picture" from "Raven Wears A Hat"
12. Neptune Fields - "Litany" from "Neptune Fields"
13. Ella Ross - "Spark" from "Uncharted Waters"
14. Sophieos - "Nutrition Facts" from "Sopping"
15. Monster Magnet - "Ozium (demo version)" from "Spine Of God [re-issue]"
16. Six To Eight Mathematics - "Innocent" from "Shut Up"

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