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Broadcast live on our station 8/14/17 @ 7pm

1. Rhonette Smith - "Persons" from "On Letting Go"
2. Fire Is Motion - "Flowers in Kawameeh Park" from "Flowers in Kawameeh Park [single]"
3. White Oak - "Places We Want To Go" from "The Dead Fret Demo"
4. Dollys - "Too Bad" from "Tense"
5. The Orsomethings - "Didn't Get The Memo" from "The Orsomethings"
6. Tura Lura - "Growing Pains" from "Blue New Jersey"
7. James Booth & The Return - "I Can't Believe It's Only Friday" from "The Sky Hurts My Eyes"
8. Reddmond & Joey - "Keep It To Yourself" from "Keep It To Yourself [single]"
9. Sadboii The Band - "Laffin At Me" from "Sadboii iv"
10. Joe Juliano - "Unwanted" from "Lost Loves"
11. Mezling - "Tumble Tack" from "Narso Cleft"
12. Fence - "quidditch.wav" from "harry.potter and the chamber.of secrets"
13. Sam Wu - "Heavenly" from "Cardinal Direction"
14. The Stewart Dolly - "Neon Sandwich" from "Ain't No Gas Station Gon Sell You City Boys No Grenadine"

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