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Broadcast live on our station 8/8/17 @ 7pm

1. The Clydes - "Wet Signature" from "Lucid Garden"
2. Playground Justice - "It's Love" from "OVI (Demo)"
3. Fencing - "Beat Me Up" from "Fencing EP"
4. Newfoundman - "Your Mind And The Storming Sea" from "[forthcoming 2nd album]"
5. New Bliss - "Crime and Punishment" from "Drag Along"
6. Brian Lowe - "Same Shit" from "Same Shit [single]"
7. Crust - "Radioactive Boars" from "Sag City Bullshit"
8. Wax Bottles - "Good Makes Good (All In)" from "Wax Bottles"
9. Joe Moretti and the Argonauts - "Catherine" from "Jersey Knights"
10. Preserve The Moose - "The Doctor Is In" from "Exhibit A"
11. Hello Folly - "That Guy" from "Rough Demos"
12. Lost Romance - "We're In Love" from "Live At The Ryman"
13. Atom Driver - "All This And More" from "In The West"
14. Mr. Payday - "Now and Forever" from "Welcome To The Modern World"
15. Robby Bloodshed - "Cough/Cool" from "Cough/Cool & She"
16. Stress Eater - "Clean Junk" from "Stress Eater"

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