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Broadcast live on our station 7/31/17 @ 7pm

1. Joshua Van Ness - "Lonely Tonight" from "Wild"
2. Val Emmich - "Help!" from "The Reminders (Music Inspired By The Novel)"
3. Jeff Linden - "three thousand miles." from "sad bastard songs."
4. Shred Flintstone - "Buggin'" from "Cartoon Physics"
5. Dump Weed - "Stop & Chop" from "Dumpweed"
6. Mike Levine - "Music Invasion" from "Music Invasion [single]"
7. Goodbye Berlin - "Take Your Time" from "Kinder"
8. Liz Asheley - "Comfort In The Dark" from "This That and The Other"
9. Old Lady - "High Heeled (demo version)" from "Final Mix 2017"
10. Billy Walton Band - "It Don't Matter" from "Wish For What You Want"
11. Science In 1780 - "Straight To Secondary" from "Freak Zoo"
12. Elbowache - "Life Is Canceled Today" from "Apocalyptic Spring"
13. Cult Control - "Used To You" from "Some Days Are Better Than Others"
14. Modern Chemistry - "The Moment" from "Everything In Gold"
15. Hello Whirled - "(Straight Down to the) Bitter End" from "The Pinkest Lifestyle"
16. Matt Collaborate - "Johnny Brenda's" from "If This Is Closure EP"
17. Snow Lotion - "Bad Man" from "Lube Maneuver"
18. Get The Net - "Things Are Gonna Change" from "Breakers"

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