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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 7/18/17 @ 7pm

1. Mike June - "Alright" from "Alright"
2. Curtis Harding - "On and On" from "On and On [single]"
3. Jay Regan - "Can't Let Go" from "Wash Me"
4. Western Centuries - "weight of the world" from "weight of the world"
5. Pilgrim's Dream - "Ocean" from "Ocean [single]"
6. Tranquility - "Tamarack" from "Sonic Propensity"
7. Teenage Bottlerocket - "Back and Forth" from "Stealing The Covers"
8. Debt Neglector - "Phantom Limbs" from "Atomicland"
9. Choir Vandals - "Head In The Oven" from "Dark Glow"
10. Old Salt Union - "Bought and Sold" from "Old Salt Union"
11. Kasey Chambers - "The Devil's Wheel" from "Dragonfly"
12. Jenni Lyn - "Hickory Holler" from "Burn Another Candle"
13. Chris Casello Trio - "All Messed Up" from "Live at Robert's & Elsewhere"
14. Detroit Rebellion - "Dirty Boots" from "The Man"
15. Rancid - "Stret Punk Trouble Maker" from "Trouble Maker"