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Broadcast live on our station 7/5/17 @ 7pm

1. Shotgun Bill - "Living Like A Cowboy" from "Train Cars and Prison Bars...and a White Guitar"
2. Aaah!!! REAL MONSTERS - "Xanax & Spite" from ""A Message To..." EP"
3. Big Happy Crowd - "He Fired The Band" from "He Fired The Band (EP)"
4. Modern Chemistry - "It's Been A While (Demons)" from "Everything In Gold"
5. Space Cadets - "Disconnecting" from "We Deserve Better"
6. Hope forest - "Wait" from "Wait"
7. Girl - "La La Land" from "Girl Demo 2017"
8. Alejandro - "Even if I Scream" from "Access Denied"
9. Baron Praxis - "Heroes On Heroin" from "Ghost Town EP"
10. Matt O'Keefe - "Too Late" from "Too Late"
11. Matthew Kessig - "Drive." from "Drive."
12. Dylan Creese - "Blacken" from "Blacken"
13. Vin Matteo - "Your Spell" from "Backroom Blues Volume Five"
14. The Wedge - "Goin' Down Slow" from "The Wedge"