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Broadcast live on our station 6/19/17 @ 7pm

1. Modern Chemistry - "Everything In Gold" from "Everything In Gold"
2. Tru - "Take A Peek" from "Tru"
3. The Afraid Brigade - "Nothing Good" from "If I Ever See the Stars Again"
4. America Part Two - "Hoedown (What Do You Know?)" from "Pure"
5. Late Nights - "Virginia (Demo Version)" from "Demos"
6. Ernest - "Sun Shining" from "Sun Is Shining"
7. Rocky and The Chapter - "Overthinking" from "Overthinking (Single)"
8. Soapbox Sound - "Another Day" from "Soapbox Sound Demo"
9. Modern Crowds - "I Don't Mind" from "Modern Crowds"
10. In The Works - "Downtown (feat. X-Phaze & Eden Jacob)" from "Panacea"
11. Possum In My Room - "trampled (Under)" from "A Shift Sailing Off Into Oblivion"
12. Wallace Dwells - "//Joyboy//" from "//Joyboy//"
13. SonOfDov - "Fight Or Flight" from "Fight Or Flight (demo)"
14. Sunflower - "Keep Yourself Together" from "Within My World"
15. Sam Wade - "Down Down Up" from "Love Me More"