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Broadcast live on our station 6/5/17 @ 7pm

1. Meeko Brando - "Uh" from "lemonade lemonade"
2. Elevator Operators - "Cosmic Jam Sandwich" from "Ups and Downs EP"
3. where is my spaceship - "nothing / no one / no distinction" from "nothing / no one / no distinction"
4. Jenny and the Felines - "I Hate This Town" from "Don't Judge Me"
5. Lisa Coppola - "Stuck To My Shoe" from "Homestead Volume One"
6. By Torchlight - "Hurricane" from "The Co-Op Communique Volume Three"
7. A Bird - "Polluto" from "Polluto"
8. Devon Goods - "528" from "S/T"
9. Bright Green - "That's Heaven Behind Me" from "That's Heaven Behind Me"
10. Sean Kiely - "Willow, Echo" from "Willow, Texas 7""
11. Alyson Reed Pipe - "Colonizer" from "Love Songs For The Modern Sub"
12. Future Tense - "Future Tense" from "Future Tense"
13. Matt Goode - "I Don't Think About You" from "I Don't Think About You"
14. Tris McCall - "All The Money In The World" from "McCall's Almanac"
15. Yawn Mower - "Walk On The Wild Side" from "More Covers"
16. The Vaughns - "Santa Cruz" from "Santa Cruz [single]"