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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 5/23/17 @ 8pm

1. The Campbell Apartment - "VP Of Snails" from "Curmudgeon"
2. Stag Frenzy - "Seven Signs" from "Stag Frenzy"
3. The Ferdy Mayne - "Heavy Metal Heart" from "S/T"
4. Shannon McNally - "Let's Go Home" from "Black Irish"
5. Andrew St. James - "Laura" from "The Big Ole Veronica Apology Record"
6. Fireside Collective - "Dreams Of California" from "Life Between The Lines"
7. Alestorm - "No Grave But The Sea" from "No Grave But The Sea"
8. Adrenaline Mob - "King Of The Ring" from "We the People"
9. The Bad Larrys - "Fired In The Morning" from "Fired In The Morning"
10. Steel - "Love Is" from "Homestead Volume One"
11. Matthew Mayer - "Litle Feet" from "Bongo Boy Records Volume XI"
12. Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen - "Hard Times Come Again No More" from "Death's Dateless Night"
13. Talking Under Water - "We Used To Dream" from "Talking Under Water"
14. Tricot - "Melon Soda" from "3"
15. EVHO - "Ricochet" from "From The Sun"