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Broadcast live on our station 5/22/17 @ 8pm

1. The Afraid Brigade - "The World Don't Want You" from "If I Ever See The Stars Again"
2. Ruby Bones - "Hard To Move" from "Ruby Bones"
3. Tru - "Trouble" from "Tru"
4. Diego Allessandro - "Lonely In Brooklyn" from "Lonely In Brooklyn [single]"
5. A Few Good Records (Bedtime Stories) - "Rows" from "A Retrospective (2011-2016)"
6. My Heart And the Real World - "My Heart" from "My Heart And the Real World
7. Retroglyphs - "One More Kiss" from "Retroglyphs"
8. Moron Girls - "Candy Dream" from "First Steps"
9. Shred Flintsone - "Happy Song" from "Cartoon Physics"
10. Dr. Void & The Death Machines - "White Light, Never Mind Death" from "White Light / Black Death"
11. Bobby Rue - "I Like The Days" from "Homestead Volume One"
12. The Big Drops - "Baskets Of Love" from "Time, Color"
13. Steve Van Tine - "Pain Is an Old Song (Acoustic)" from "Pain Is an Old Song (Acoustic) [single]"
14. Staten - "Lone" from "Lone [single]"
15. Little Light - "The Steps In Our Stairs" from "J20th"