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Broadcast live on our station 5/1/17 @ 8pm

1. Centennials - "Self Talk" from "Fin"
2. Proxy Red - "The Waking Call" from "Diametric"
3. Randall Stevens - "Beautiful Things" from "Of Circles"
4. Annie Blackman - "All Too Much" from "Laundry Room Songs"
5. Kim Boyko - "Call To Arms" from "Somebody Else EP"
6. Val Emmich - "Leave The Past Behind" from "The Reminders (Music Inspired By The Novel)"
7. dank beers. - "dropout" from "(D)emos"
8. WolvesMouth - "Paranoia Paradise" from "Colder Tones"
9. Mondays - "Good Ol' Friends" from "Actually, I'm A Ghost"
10. Matt Goode - "What I'd Seen" from "What I'd Seen"
11. Son Of Jacob - "Anxiety Attack" from "Space Jam"
12. Beige Monk - "Invertebrate Locomotive" from "Diplopia"
13. Shibby The Band - "Cream Cheese Tastes Better On The Moon" from "Nostalgia"
14. Julian Fulton - "Rosie's Disposition" from "Battered Receptions"
15. The Susan Rumors - "All I Am" from "The Susan Rumors"