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Special Broadcast live on our station 3/31/17 @ 8pm

1. Will Wood and the Tapeworms - "Cotard's Solution (Anatta/Dukkha/Anicca)" from "Self-ish"
2. Seaside Caves - "Kim Fowley Is Dead" from "Powerbunny 4x4 Singles Club - Vol. II"
3. dookieshecky - "Boots and Cats" from "Dane the Bum"
4. Hot Gospel - "Thanks For The Blood" from "Thanks For The Blood"
5. Petal Aggression - "Simmering" from "THIS ALBUM DOES NOT EXIST"
6. Matt Morgan - "Lung Cancer" from "Heaven or Hell?"
7. Plainfield Slim - "I Found A Woman" from "Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume Five"
8. Senorsentor - "bicycles" from "bangor"
9. Shabazz Talib - "Good A$$ Ending" from "Undergrad"
10. The Rareflowers - "New Generation" from "New Generation"
11. The College Try - "Playng Drty" from "Playng Drty"
12. Wig Drop - "Little Sister Drives" from "Wig Drop 2"
13. The_Company - "Potential Energy" from "Potential Energy"
14. The Dirty Bohemians - "Coal Mining Funk" from "Underground"
15. Wyatt Snow - "American Crywank Cover Band" from "A Crywank Cover & 2 Improv Songs"