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Broadcast live on our station 3/27/17 @ 8pm

1. The Susan Rumors - "Everywhere" from "The Susan Rumors"
2. Boss Jim Gettys - "Wait For Her" from "Handy Street Sessions"
3. Ruby Bones - "Heart Of Darkness" from "Ruby Bones"
4. Trio Of Madness - "Mutant Song" from "Lost time"
5. The Blurry Minds - "Backwards Days" from "TBM I 50M"
6. The Breakout Year - "Comeback Soundtrack Mix 1" from " Ep Demos"
7. White Oak - "Chewed and Spit" from "The Dead Fret Demo"
8. The Coffee Shop Baby - "Ill Thoughts" from "The Coffee Shop Baby EP"
9. Paul Mauled - "What Kind Of Father Are You?" from "Cephalization"
10. The Dundees - "Anchor" from "Waiting Around"
11. The Stewart Dolly - "Joanie" from "Wonderful"
12. Fairmont - "Box Of Crickets" from "A Spring Widow"
13. Mike Levine - "So Far" from "Whatever It Takes"
14. Get The Net - "Say You'll Stay" from "Breakers"
15. The East Infections - "Close The Chapter" from "The Tolerant Ones"

Bonus Songs
Just Some Punk(s) - There Is No Closure And There Never Will Be Closure - Solo Songs (Non-Explicit)
Naked Ant - The 19th - Spare Parts