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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 3/21/17 @ 8pm

1. Zach Quinn - "Pooh" from "One Week Record"
2. Colin Hay - "I'm Walking Here" from "Fierce Mercy"
3. Walker Lukens - "Where Is Thunder Road?" from "Where Is Thunder Road? (single)"
4. Big Wreck - "It Comes As No Surprise" from "Grace Street"
5. The Drums - "Blood Under My Belt" from "Abysmal Thoughts"
6. Moonroof - "Leave You Behind" from "Last Call EP"
7. Los Angeles Police Department - "Grown" from "Los Angeles Police Department"
8. Cameron Avery - "Do You Know Me By Heart?" from "Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams"
9. Girlpool - "123" from "Powerplant"
10. Greg Graffin - "Too Many Virtues" from "Millport"
11. The Waifs - "Done And Dusted" from "Ironbark"
12. Alex Dezen - "I Had A Band" from "II"
13. The Bombpops - "Sweet For Sorrow" from "Fear Of Missing Out"
14. CJ Ramone - "Before The Lights Go Out" from "American Beauty"
15. The Motel Pines - "Myths Disguised As Meaning" from "A Sad History"