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Broadcast live on our station 3/20/17 @ 8pm

1. Bad William - "Bellows" from "Something to Find"
2. Retroglyphs - "Wild Road" from "Wild Road"
3. Sailor Boyfriend - "Teleplay" from "American Goblin"
4. Sally Draper - "New York City Is A Fucking Headache" from "Does Too"
5. Darren Deicide - "Killing The Dead" from "The Blues Non Est Mortuum"
6. Yawn Mower - "Shed Is Old" from "What's All This New Piss?"
7. Allied Chemical - "Sun-Filled Living Rooms" from "Sword Soup"
8. Andrew V. Hink - "Home" from "Generic Rock Album in 4/4"
9. Bruce Tunkel - "If I have What It Takes" from "Bittersweet"
10. Rosey Bengal - "A Lot Like That" from "Junk Mail"
11. Possum in my Room - "Nameless" from "3 Songs"
12. Del Mar - "Safari" from "Demo EP"
13. El Astronauto - "Cut The Chord" from "Window Weather"
14. Bird In Flight - "Social Life" from "Still Life"
15. Project Atlantic - "Thank You for Everything" from "Songs of Contentment - EP"
Bonus Song: Injury History - "Public Radio" from "Public Radio"