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1. Laree Cisco - "Tell the Truth! (Don't Lie No More)" from "#Resist (Cassingle)"
2. Reconstitute - "Dear America" from "Rock Against Hate"
3. Modern Furniture - "Doppleganger" from "Year of the Lobster"
4. The Skullers - "Can We Do That Again" from "Can We Do That Again"
5. Shotgun Bill - "Political Blues" from "Rock Against Hate"
6. Keep The Change - "Business Ghost" from "Business Ghost (single)"
7. Rocky and The Chapter - "Lucky 13" from "You Are Not Mine"
8. DownTown Mystic - "Way To Know (featuring Max Weinberg & Garry Tallent from The E Street Band)" from "Rock Against Hate"
9. The Embracers - "All These Years (Demo)" from "Carte Blanche: Live and Unreleased"
10. Timothy Hay - "Nonmatriculated" from "Nonmatriculated"
11. Talley Summerlin - "Wow" from "Rock Against Hate"
12. Pat Bilodeau - "Fine in my Mind" from "Fine in my Mind"
13. Ben Greenblatt - "Foreign" from "Foreign"
14. Keith Monacchio - "The Courageous Getaway of Ciro & Madelina Fuentos" from "Rock Against Hate"
15. Late Nights - "Virginia" from "Virginia"