return to Presents New NJ Music 2-20-17

1. Primitive Lips - "With You" from "Primitive Lips"
2. Sarah Donner - "With Pride" from "Rock Against Hate"
3. Kyle and Bobby - "Afraid of the Ghost" from "Planned Parenthood Demo"
4. Mike Levine - "Automatic" from "Automatic"
5. Dr. Void & The Death Machines - "Angels Descend" from "Rock Against Hate"
6. The Agitated - "Don't Panic" from "Demos 2017"
7. All The Forgotten - "now is the time" from "daylight"
8. SonOfDov - "Mercy" from "Rock Against Hate"
9. tired eyes, all the time - "Better Taxi" from "Moreish - Demo"
10. Joe Centofante - "This Impresses Me" from "Feb17"
11. HAL - "The Shape Of Society" from "Rock Against Hate"
12. Alyson Reed Pipe - "Steven Universe Full Theme" from "Snow Day: An EP of covers wrought from a depressive bedstay"
13. C.R. and the Degenerates - "Imitation" from "Close Encounters"
14. Lisa Coppola - "I Can't Make Sense Of Your Crazy" from "Rock Against Hate"
15. Pinky - "Snowglobe" from "some demos 4ya"