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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 1-30-17

1. Japandroids - "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" from "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life"
2. Moon Crashers - "False Alarm" from "MCFK Section 8: Transmutations"
3. Walker Lukens - "jacket On Ya Shoulders" from "Never Understood"
4. Craig Greenberg - "Death On The Liberty Line" from "Rock Against Hate"
5. mouse on the keys - "Out of Body" from "Out of Body"
6. Harrison Brome - "Midnight Island" from "Fill Your Brains"
7. Barley Station - "Must Be Something" from "Bongo Boy Records: Out of the Garage, Vol. 3"
8. Son Of The Velvet Rat - "Blood Red Shoes" from "Dorado"
9. Dori Freeman - "Go On Loving" from "Folkadelphia Sessions Volume IV"
10. John Garcia - "Green Machine" from "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues"
11. Kurt Baker Combo - "All For You" from "In Orbit"
12. Heat - "Sometimes" from "Overnight"
13. Angelica Garcia - "Woman I'm Hollerin'" from "Medicine for Birds"
14. The New Respects - "Money" from "Money"
15. Lee Fields & The Expressions - "Make The World" from "Special Night"