return to Presents New NJ Music 1-16-17

1. The Campfire Flies - "We Can See America From Here" from "Rock Against Hate"
2. No Place I Could Be Without You - "Baby Ruthless" from "No Place I Could Be Without You"
3. Powell Not Found - "My Lovely Laura" from "Benefit Of The Doubt"
4. Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Drill A Whole" from "Rock Against Hate"
5. Rezy Ross - "Crab Cake" from "Turd Rocket"
6. Hands On The Stereo - "You've Never Been to South of the Border?" from "Hands On The Stereo (Deluxe)"
7. Val Emmich - "It's All Right (No!)" from "Rock Against Hate"
8. Primitive Lips - "Into Nothing" from "SamsPlaceRecords Sampler One"
9. Dentist - "You're A Bore" from "Powerbunny 4x4 Singles Club 2017"
10. Rachel Romanowski - "History Made Easy" from "Rock Against Hate"
11. Jazz, Dirty - "Midnight Voyage" from "Jazz, Dirty"
12. Staten - "Polar" from "Why Bother Records Presents: Staten's Christmas Carols, Vol. 1"
13. The Successful Failures - "The Ballad of Julio Cuellar" from "Rock Against Hate"
14. The Stewart Dolly - "Funhouse (Acoustic Demo)" from "Not From A Jedi"
15. Ryan Tucker - "Crooked Stairs" from "The Berkeley Arms"